Dead Body and Suicide Cleanup in Colorado Springs, CO

Dead Body Cleanup in Colorado Springs, CO

Dead Body Cleanup at a Home in Colorado Springs

For many, seeing a dead body is a traumatic experience, especially when you aren't prepared for it in Colorado Springs, CO. Dead body cleanup can be a challenging task even in the best of circumstances, and that is why our team at Crime Tech Services exists. While a coroner usually will take a dead body away, what is left is unsanitary and needs to be properly cleaned up by those trained to take the proper precautions. Bodily fluids can transmit viruses, diseases, and other things that could harm an individual. And whatever is used for dead body cleanup needs to be properly disposed of as well. Don't add to your trauma, bring in our team by contacting us today; we are available 24/7 for any kind of situation.

Suicide Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Going beyond just a dead body cleanup are suicide cleanup situations. These are even worse because the person chose to take their own life, and family and friends are left to wonder exactly why they made such a decision. The scene itself can be traumatic, especially for those related to the person, and it often helps a great deal to have an impartial team handle the cleanup situation. This is why our team exists because it is usually too difficult for family members to have to take on these duties.

If the suicide happens at a commercial property or somewhere other than at home, as happens in a quarter of all suicides, then the business needs to handle the suicide cleanup. Usually, they are not equipped to be able to deal with this sort of cleaning, and that's where our trained team comes in. We have the proper materials and chemicals that will ensure that the area is completely clean and safe for people to use.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We get called into a variety of unattended death cleanup scenarios, such as a hoarder who passed away or an elderly person who passes at home but is not found for days or longer. Often it is the smell of the decomposing body that alerts others to the situation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When you have this sort of situation arise, contact us at Crime Tech Services and we will handle the remediation and decontamination of the space to make it safe for use.

Know that you aren't alone in dealing with a suicide cleanup or unattended death cleanup. The average elevation is around 6,000 feet above sea level, however, it can vary by over 1,500 feet as you travel from the Southside (near Fountain) to the Northside (near Monument). It only takes 45 minutes to make that drive. The beautiful outdoor setting and numerous trail systems inspire people to get outside and explore the Olympic City. Within a year from its initial naming in 1871, Fountain Colony was renamed Colorado Springs and officially incorporated. Contact us today and let us properly handle the necessary cleanup duties.