Odor Removal Service, Odor Elimination Company & Crime Scene Cleanup in Colorado Springs, CO

Odor Removal Service in Colorado Springs, CO

An Odor Elimination Company Performing an Odor Removal Service in Colorado Springs

“What's that smell?” is not a game that you want to play on a daily basis in your home or place of business in Colorado Springs, CO. Whether the scent is from a pet accident, mold issues, traumatic event, biohazard situation, or other scenario, you want an odor removal service that will bring back a clean smell to your space. Crime Tech Services are available 24/7 for any odor removal service that you may need. Lingering odors, especially those that can trigger past events and situations, are unwelcome and can be challenging to remove on your own. We understand the principles behind effective odor elimination and employ advanced techniques to eradicate malodors from your entire structure. Contact our team today for our odor removal service.

Odor Elimination Company in Colorado Springs

When it comes to an odor elimination company, you need one that will truly eliminate the odor and not just cover it up. Our team of odor control professionals are IICRC Certified, enabling them to provide unmatched odor removal services that address the root of odor control issues. Our Odor Control Specialists are equipped with the qualifications, cutting-edge equipment, and strategic approaches needed to address even the most challenging odor issues.

From using HEPA-filtered air scrubbers to ozone generators as well as expert deodorizing methods, our team will utilize any tools available to ensure that we address the cause of the odor so that it won't come back. Bad odors not only affect your day-to-day living situation but if not dealt with it could affect others who come to your home and even affect the sale of your home if that is what you want to do.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We deal with all manner of cleanup situations beyond odor removal services, such as crime scenes, hoarding, unattended deaths, and more in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We bring our many years of experience in the field plus our special training in law enforcement to bear on all of the situations that Crime Tech Services are called upon to handle. Don't take on the headache yourself of cleaning and deodorizing your space, bring in our experts and breathe easy.

Getting rid of odors can be a frustrating endeavor, especially when you don't have the right tools for the job. From 1899 to 1901 Tesla Experimental Station operated on Knob Hill, and aircraft flights to the Broadmoor's neighboring fields began in 1919. The city's military presence began during World War II, beginning with Camp Carson (now the 135,000-acre Fort Carson base) that was established in 1941.The city lies in a semi-arid Steppe climate region with the Southern Rocky Mountains to the west, the Palmer Divide to the north, and high plains further east. Contact us today for proper cleaning and deodorizing of your space.