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We have helped hundreds of families and businesses with suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, hoarding cleanup, tear gas cleanup and so much more.


If you are in need of crime scene cleanup Denver, suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup, tear gas cleanup or any other extreme cleaning services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


When we think of crime scenes, read about them in books, or see them on TV or in the movies we assume that “This will never happen to me or my family.” But unfortunately, sometimes these situations are exactly what does happen to us, and then we have to deal with the aftermath of them.

A crime scene, no matter what kind of crime scene it is, is going to be traumatic to deal with. It could be a serious instance of domestic abuse. It could be a homicide. It could be a suicide. It could be an unattended death in the family where the body was not found for some time. It could be a hoarding situation that needs to be addressed. It could be a drug bust or some other kind of police bust involving damage to the property, violence, tear gas, etc.

No matter what it is, the law dictates that once a crime scene is processed, it is the responsibility of the family or the extended family to clean up and remediate that crime scene. This isn’t just a Denver thing. It’s a nationwide law.

This takes most families by surprise. We see the crime scene itself, in TV and movies, and we watch detectives and investigators on crime shows process these scenes with grim expressions on their faces and foreboding music in the background. But what happens when they leave? And what happens when you’re left to literally inherit the mess that is a Denver residential or commercial crime scene? If you need crime scene cleaning services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


We understand that this is not a mess that you want to deal with, even if you’re naturally inclined to take care of your own cleaning projects. We’re available in Denver twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We’re committed to helping you and your family overcome this difficult time with minimal exposure to the place where it all happened.

We strive for excellence and quality in what we do. We work hard to make sure that no stone is left unturned, and that we get down to every last bit of mess and clean it up. Our goal is to restore the scene to a position even better off than it was before the crime or incident occurred. We offer a variety of cleanup services in Denver to meet your needs:

  Crime Scene Cleanup Denver
  Homicide Cleanup Denver
  Decomposition or Unattended Death Cleanup Denver
  Tear Gas Removal Denver
  Suicide Cleanup Denver
  Hoarding Cleanup in Denver


A crime scene takes more of a cleanup than the average household mess does. Our specialized team knows this, and we take care to equip ourselves with the right tools and expertise for the job. At a Denver crime scene, there could be bacteria, blood, pathogens, and foreign objects that are highly unwanted. Our mission is to send our cleaning crews in as soon as the police, fire department, investigators, examiners, and other specialists have left. We’ll comfort you if you need it, and we’ll get right to work getting your home back to a home that is free of the terrible reminders of what just occurred.


We can’t think of a family event that could be worse than a suicide. When we lose a family Suicide Cleanup Denvermember like this, it changes our lives. It changes us forever. This is a special kind of trauma that no one should have to go through, yet thousands of families experience this hardship every year.

Our goal, though we know you’re hurting and will be for some time, is to come in and make the home better at least, so you don’t have to be constantly reminded of the suicide scene. And if the responsibility has fallen on you to clean up a suicide scene at a family member’s Denver home, we can help there too. If you need suicide cleaning services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


Much like a suicide scene, a homicide cleanup in Denver is a hard experience for us to face. We often wonder at the humanity of having to clean up the crime scene of a loved one who’s been taken from us in a homicide, and that’s why we offer our homicide cleanup services for Denver residents. We’ll be sure to completely sanitize the area so that there are no harmful contaminants, blood-borne illnesses, biological hazards, damage to the premises, etc. We have technicians certified in biohazard remediation, so we’ll take care of this stressful situation for you. If you need homicide cleaning services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


Hoarding is a growing problem in America. It affects almost five percent of the population. A home that has been inhabited by a hoarder is one that is a step away from being condemned. And sometimes families wish that the city would just take the home and they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Rather, the family has to address a hoarding scene when a hoarding loved one passes away or is moved to a different area. Thankfully, our crews can do this quite well, as we are trained to tackle even the most daunting and hazardous of hoarding scenarios. If you need hoarding cleaning services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


Anyone’s hope is that, if they should suffer the experience of a loved one dying, that it happens with their loved one in a bed, peaceful, surrounded by family. But when a loved one dies alone at home, sometimes no one finds out about it for weeks. This can make for a terrible mess to address. A decomposing body brings with it all kinds of biohazards and toxic implications, from released urine and feces, rotting flesh, mold, bacteria, insect infestations, blood, body fluids etc. And while all of that sounds immense, it pales in comparison to the smell that comes with a decomposition scene. Thankfully, our technicians are fully competent and well-trained in addressing scenarios like these. If you need unattended death cleanup services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


Denver police officers sometimes have to use tear gas when performing an arrest in a home. Tear gas is a tricky gas, very difficult to get out of a space once it is let off in an enclosed area. Furthermore, this gas is very harmful to our mucous membranes and respiratory tracts. Thankfully, our technicians can enter a space in biohazard suits and get the gas removed rapidly. If you need tear gas removal services in Denver, Colorado we are here 24-hours a day by calling (719) 201-2726.


We’re here for you if you need our help in addressing any of the above problems in Denver or the surrounding areas. Just call us, and we’ll be there with our technicians, our equipment, and our ability to help you through this trying time. We work closely with law enforcement and the Denver Police Dept.