Homicide cleanup, Death cleanup, & Trauma cleanup in Colorado Springs, CO

Biohazard Cleanup in Colorado Springs

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We all hear about violence in the news reports and from friends in Colorado Springs, CO, but it is different when you experience things yourself. No matter what kind of incident lead to it, homicide cleanup is a necessary service that very few are trained for and fewer still can handle. Crime Tech Services has the trained and experienced team to handle homicide cleanups and other situations that other cleaners either can't or won't deal with. Anyone dealing with a situation like this needs to know how to handle biohazardous materials like bodily fluids and be mindful of blood-borne pathogens, not to mention the care to be taken when cleaning up debris. Contact us 24/7 with your specialized cleaning needs.

Death Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Whenever we go to a death cleanup, it is important to evaluate the situation first before taking additional steps. Where was the body found, how long has it been there, was anything moved or touched, and other information will help us to know the extent of what needs cleaning. Often the person passed away in their sleep or in a favorite chair, and if it has been a few days or longer between when they passed and when they were found, many of those materials will need to be disposed of in the proper fashion rather than try to clean them.

If there is any blood from the person that passed, that will make things more challenging. Our team needs to be sure that all blood is properly cleaned up and the area disinfected otherwise there is a chance that any remaining blood could cause an infection. We have a number of chemicals and cleaning tools that will help ensure that when we are done, the space is safe again for people.

Trauma Cleanup in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The scene of a vehicle accident, a drive-by shooting, robbery, or other traumatic event in Colorado Springs, Colorado will inevitably leave scars on people and places. This means trauma cleanup for our team at Crime Tech Services. Only professionals trained in handling trauma cleanup and hazardous materials, including blood, drugs, and other substances should be called in to handle these cleanings. Our team can take on the remediation and decontamination so that they are once again safe and usable.

From crime scenes to hoarding situations to traumatic events, we are capable of dealing with all of them in a professional manner. Colorado Springs served as the capital of the Colorado Territory from November 5, 1861, until August 14, 1862, when the capital was moved to Golden, before it was finally moved to Denver in 1867. From 1899 to 1901 Tesla Experimental Station operated on Knob Hill, and aircraft flights to the Broadmoor's neighboring fields began in 1919. Colorado Springs has the greatest total area of any municipality in Colorado. Contact our team 24/7 whenever you have need of our specialized cleanings.