Biohazard Cleanup Services, Hoarding Cleanup, and Odor Removal Service in Canon City, CO

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Biohazard Cleanup services in Florence, CO, Canon City, Fountain, CO and Nearby Cities

CrimeTech Services prioritizes public health and safety and treats crime and trauma scenes with dignity through our biohazard cleanup services in Canon City, CO, and surrounding areas. We specialize in the cleanup, handling, management, and disposal of potentially hazardous substances. Our pertinent services include:

  • Homicide cleanup

Scenes requiring our services are sources of distress and grief for the people connected to them. First responders need a trauma cleanup and odor elimination company that can handle these scenes with the delicacy they require. Our certified professionals provide that delicacy while complying with state and federal handling regulations.

Crime Scene Cleanup and Dead Body Cleanup in Canon City

Crime scene cleanup in Canon City, CO, occurs after a traumatic event. Friends, neighbors, or family members may have witnessed or walked in on a distressing scene. Investigators and police officers need space to gather evidence and build a case. Our team gives first responders the space they need to do their jobs while removing all traces of the crime during our trauma and homicide cleanup process.

Sometimes, a person dies alone in their own home. Their family and friends won’t receive notification until someone happens upon the unfortunate circumstances. Once investigators identify the cause of death, they rely on us for dead body cleanup services. These services typically include:

  • Unattended death cleanup
  • Blood cleanup

Our team decontaminates the building where the incident occurred and surrounding facilities via thorough, compliant biohazard cleanup services designed to protect all citizens in Canon City, CO.

Hoarding Cleanup in Canon City, Colorado

Hoarding situations pose a major threat to both the people living in the building and any nearby neighbors.

When someone discovers a hoarding situation, they need an EPA-compliant cleanup and odor removal service to thoroughly sanitize the area.

Otherwise, the building becomes uninhabitable for current or future residents. Our hoarding cleanup and odor elimination company keeps properties inhabitable by:

  • Removing and cleaning the dead bodies of any people or animals
  • Sanitizing areas containing gross filth
  • Treating disease or infestation vectors

Over 17,000 residents call Canon City, CO, (Cañon City, CO) their home. Nature lovers and growing families enjoy local hot spots such as Centennial Park and Magdalene Park. Our team at CrimeTech Services protects the area’s residents and public health with extensive blood cleanup and biohazard cleanup services. Contact us to learn more today.